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Joaquin Phoenix is one of the best actors of his generation with Joker All Version Signature Shirt. We’ve always said so and one of the last tests was his last film entitled Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot by Gus Van Sant. In mid 2018, the news came out that the actor would star in Joker’s solo film about the origins of the greatest villain in Batman and Gotham. It’s a complicated film, especially for the protagonist after Heath Ledger’s enormous work as Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

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Joker All Version Signature Shirt
However, with the release of Joker’s advances, doubts grew as to whether he would be able to cover such an important role within pop culture. That’s why we’re leaving here some decisive roles in Joaquin Phoenix’s career that tell us he’s the ideal actor to give life to The Joker in this film.
This is a 1995 Gus Van Sant film that put not only Joaquin Phoenix on the map, but also Nicole Kidman. To Die For follows the story of Suzanne Stone, a beautiful woman from a small town who is obsessed with the idea of being famous and a television personality. On her way, she comes into contact with three teenagers to talk about their reality. One of them, Jimmy, falls in love with Suzanne, and she takes advantage of it to manipulate him and end the life of her boring husband, Larry.
Phoenix was just 19 years old when he worked with Van Sant and became an element to consider for the big Hollywood leagues after the death of his brother River. Jimmy is a secondary character who, in the end, plays a decisive role in the development of the story. It’s not his first film, but it was the one that got the most attention when he even appeared in the Cannes edition of that time.
In the last 30 years the Joker has become, almost unintentionally, one of the most greedy roles for any actor. In the first place, because his histrionism endures everything that an interpreter demands of him and allows him to do all the madness possible to achieve that purpose. Secondly, because it is a bicoca for screenwriters who can develop all their creativity by inventing origins, motivations and even names.
There are several actors who have put voice to the Joker in video games and animated series (probably Mark Hamill is the most famous of them), but only a few have dared to put themselves in the skin of this character in film or television.
What he did to get into the role. Basically, the pranks Jared Leto (Louisiana, United States, 1971) made during the shooting. And we don’t say it because of his debatable but respectable aesthetic choices, such as wearing a silver-toothed cover, more tattoos than Sergio Ramos and dyeing his hair as if he had just returned from an Ibizan rave, but because of how he passed it on to his fellow cast members. Leto’s joke was to send to the rest of the cast packages containing live rats, pig heads taken from a butcher’s shop or anal balls. Little Angel…
The result. Trying to get away from the long shadow of Heath Ledger, Leto built a Joker that was all virility and a regular of strip clubs. As it usually happens with those who boast of excess testosterone, ended up being beaten by a woman: specifically, it was Margot Robbie as Haley Quinn, the girlfriend of the Joker, who painted the face of the excessive Leto (and cheered up the staff). It was normal that they eliminated several of their scenes from the final montage and their character was reduced to a minimum. An affront that no supervillain could/should accept.
What he did to get into the role. An alopecic Joker with a disfigured face halfway between Frankestein’s monster and Nosferatu, a consequence of the acid bath at ACE Chemicals. A guttural tic worked a lot, which apparently made the rest of the actors nervous during the shooting.

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The result. Admittedly, the fact that Cameron Monaghan (California, 1993) played the twin brothers (Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska) has a lot of merit. Especially since the scriptwriters of the series spent it pirate deceiving and constantly cajoling the viewers with their identity. Perhaps it is too inspired by Tim Burton’s vision of the character although his conversion to evil (without spoilers) is most surprising.
Henri Bergson maintains that any laughter is but a product of our evil. All jokes, he continues, are malicious. White humour does not exist, it is always stained by something: a little blood, a tear, a gesture of despair… We laugh for the simple reason that we are naturally resentful animals. It bothers us that they impose restrictions on us, and that some incapable people impose them on us without reason. That’s what living in society is all about. Freud, of course, equated the liberating mechanism of laughter with that of dreams. In both cases, the repression disappears in a process of desalienation that we could call orgiastic. And so on.
Todd Phillips, not by chance the author of Resacón in Las Vegas, exhibits himself as a consummate reader of the philosopher of intuition and delivers in Joker the most blatant refutation of almost everything. It is not, in spite of what it may seem from the title and Batman, a superhero movie. Nor, despite the laughter, does it come close to comedy. And far from the intention of this prodigy to be presented as a rereading of any myth. From the first to the last frame, everything is simply negation, resentment, bad intention. And, from there, the laughter. And chaos.
The film places a poor clown in the middle of any city. Gotham City maybe. He works for a company of clowns that, like all of them, is dedicated to making people happy. You know, he sings songs, falls, howls, cries because the sorrow overwhelms him and he falls again. He’s sentimental. The carablanca goes to hospitals to make sick children laugh, encourages the birthdays of rich kids, serves as a publicity stunt for cholesterol temples and, if necessary, kills three impresentable stalkers in the subway. In fact, the latter is not included in the agreement. It happens by accident. The problem is that it’s funny. It’s the same fun as ridiculing a poor psychopath who thinks he’s funny. And so, over the last paragraph, Phillips, with Joker All Version Signature Shirt the invaluable collaboration of a huge (again) Joaquin Phoenix, raises the most disconcerting metaphor of who we are and of the world we walk in. The director says that his film is not political but that he has no qualms about others believing it.

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