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“If you want peace, prepare for war” and John Wick John Rick Rick And Morty Shirt. This is what is dictated by a well-known Latin phrase full of wisdom and depth and which applies to various aspects of man’s life, not only to the literal sense regarding the dominance of violence in the human being. However, that wisdom and depth of phrase, turn out to be the two great absentees of John Wick’s third installment. And in reality, they are not necessary. When we say that John Wick: Parabellum lacks wisdom, it is neither an offense nor a negative description of the film. The greatness of John Wick’s universe, not only of this Chapter 3, is far removed from storytelling and naturally focuses on his visual and sonorous dexterity.

John Rick John Wick Rick And Morty T-Shirt, Hoodies, Sweatshirt

Wick’s first film, released in 2014, introduced us to a retired killer who loses his wife after going through a terminal illness. Before she dies, she gives him a puppy that represents her in some way in the life of John, who tries to lead a daily life outside the codes of murderers in the world. However, we have to say that John Wick somehow made the change in his life for five years in order to live with his love. Did he deny his own nature? The answer, in the end, doesn’t matter.
A group of rich children of Russian mobsters attack Wick, steal his car and kill Daisy, the puppy his wife gave him. This is the drop that spills the glass and brings back Baba Yagá, the world’s most lethal killer who of course will take revenge against these punks (as Dirty Harry would tell them) idiots who woke up the beast. Everyone knows that John Wick is lethal and whoever confronts him is going to die. There are no options.
To avoid the long story, because it is not, John Wick climbs in his revenge to the limit imposed by the Order, that secret society that directs the codes of conduct of the criminal world. Wick, in the Continental Hotel, a consecrated place, kills one of the high commanders. Needless to say, this space is neutral and it is forbidden to attack there regardless of the reasons for the fight. Thus, with Wick as a traitor to the rules of the Order, a price is put on his head: 14, then 15 million dollars for whoever succeeds in murdering Jonathan Wick.
And here, in the pursuit of our protagonist and in his redemption, is John Wick: Parabellum, a film that takes its name precisely from that “prepare for war”. Now. Leave aside Wick’s inner search and his famous “Consequences” to talk about what is really worthwhile in the film: the rhythm, the visual intensity and the exhausting (you feel the pain) it is to see our tragic hero relentlessly face hundreds of murderers of all kinds.
“This time I trained before,” Keanu Reeves said when he presented the trailer for ‘John Wick 3′, the latest film in John Wick’s action saga, which opens on Friday 31 May and shows that he is more fit than ever with spectacular action scenes. “My judo is a little better now. We also have some very good jiu-jitsu parts, it was fun to practice this martial art again. I spent a lot more time training, so I think I’m better than I was before.
After the surprising box-office reception of the two previous installments, Keanu Reeves returns with this relentless and lethal killer to the big screen. John Wick 3 – Parabellum’ begins with the protagonist on the run. John Wick has killed a member of the International Murderers Guild and the price for his body, dead or alive, is $14 million. In this way, John Wick is the most wanted man by the most wanted bounty hunters on the planet. Inside trailer for ‘John Wick 3’:
You only have to watch the trailer scenes to understand why Keanu Reeves became obsessed with training in this third instalment of John Wick. The fights with ninjas, the chases on horseback, the demands of the desert… John Wick faces new situations for which all physical preparation is little.

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The actor wanted to dispense with doubles for the action scenes for which he trained conscientiously in the technique of jiu-jitsu. This martial art of Japanese origin is based on the unarmed defense of one or more aggressors both armed and unarmed. Its main techniques include demolitions, joint dislocations, strangulations and submissions where it does not matter the weight, age or strength of the opponents, but the dexterity and the mind.
Responsible for John Wick 3’s action scenes is Chad Stahelski, who already worked with Reeves on Matrix. We snuck into his Los Angeles gym, 87eleven Action Design, where every morning he starts his classes very early.
It’s been a long wait for fans of the animated series Rick and Morty. It’s been two years since Adult Swim broadcasted its third season in 2017. And the expected season 4 won’t arrive until November 10, 2019; and it will be a partial comeback, as the new trailer reported that the first five episodes will premiere from November 10, with the remaining five episodes scheduled sometime in 2020.
The creators of the show, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, said in June 2018 that the wait between seasons will not be so long again, especially after in May of that year Adult Swim gave the green light to the production of 70 new episodes, which virtually guarantees that the show will remain on the air for at least five or six additional seasons.
Rick and Morty focuses on the adventures of Rick Sanchez, a drunken and boring scientific genius, along with his socially inept grandson Morty Smith. Both characters undertake journeys through the galaxy and, on many occasions, through alternative realities, most of the time with undesirable consequences. These adventures often involve Morty’s parents – Jerry and Beth- and his sister, Summer.
The only true clue to the dramatic structure of Season 4 was revealed by Roiland in the San Diego Comic-Con, when he stated that “we have serialized some things that have spread over some solid episodic chapters. This means that there will be some stories that will be told throughout the season — as happened in Season 3 with the separation of Beth and Jerry — but this won’t prevent every episode from narrating a story unrelated to the previous chapter. Quite a challenge. Let’s buy John Rick John Wick Rick And Morty Shirt if you love Keanu Reeves. Adult Swim has announced the renewal of Rick and Morty for 70 episodes, to complete approximately ten seasons of the series, after what the network has described as a “long-term agreement”, with no definite dates, and with the goal of (lining up) giving its creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, enough time to work without constraints or time problems when developing new seasons.

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